Coelogynes comprise around 200 described and recorded species of mainly hardy Asiatic orchids. Of these, there are about 80 species in cultivation around the world. The list below covers the 60 or so species (plus many variations) that I have grown in my private collection in Australia. Other pages cover my Coelogyne hybrids and Coelogyne relatives.

Coelogyne flowers range from large beautiful white perfumed flowers to cascading vibrant greens and to a fascinating range with striking markings in white/yellow/gold/brown and blacks. Many have flowers that last a month (some longer) with some species repeat flowering - an extremely desirable trait in any house plant. A huge percentage of orchid lovers, gardeners and house plant enthusiasts already own at least one or two of these beautiful plants.

The Kew Royal Botanic Gardens maintain a World checklist of monocotyledons (covers all official orchids species names, including all Coelogynes)

BTW, Coelogynes make some of the most spectacular specimen plants of all orchids. Check out Coelogyne cristata, Coelogyne Unchained Melody, Dendrochilum magnum, Dendrochilum wenzellii and Dendrochilum tenellum and Pholidato chinensis just to whet your appetite. The background image throughout this site is Coelogyne flaccida.

                    Coelogyne asperata 
  Coelogyne assamica
  Coelogyne barbata
  Coelogyne beccarii
  Coelogyne bilamellata
  Coelogyne brachyptera
  Coelogyne calcicola
  Coelogyne carinata
  Coelogyne celebensis
  Coelogyne chloroptera
  Coelogyne cristata
  Coelogyne cumingii
  Coelogyne eberhardtii
  Coelogyne fimbriata
  Coelogyne flaccida
  Coelogyne flexuosa
  Coelogyne foerstermannii
  Coelogyne fragrans
  Coelogyne fuscescens
  Coelogyne gongshanensis
  Coelogyne huettneriana
  Coelogyne lactea
  Coelogyne lawrenceana
  Coelogyne lentiginosa
  Coelogyne longifolia
  Coelogyne longipes
  Coelogyne lycastoides
  Coelogyne marmorata
  Coelogyne mayeriana
  Coelogyne merrillii
  Coelogyne miniata
  Coelogyne mooreana
  Coelogyne mossiae
  Coelogyne moultonii
  Coelogyne nervosa
  Coelogyne nitida  (Escape to top of page)
Coelogyne occulata
  Coelogyne ovalis
  Coelogyne padangensis
  Coelogyne pandurata
  Coelogyne prasina
  Coelogyne prolifera
  Coelogyne pulverula
  Coelogyne punctulata
  Coelogyne rochussenii
  Coelogyne salvaneraniana
  Coelogyne sanderiana
  Coelogyne schillerina
  Coelogyne schultesii
  Coelogyne septemcostata
  Coelogyne pachystachya
  Coelogyne sparsa
  Coelogyne speciosa
  Coelogyne stricta
  Coelogyne swaniana
  Coelogyne tomentosa
    Coelogyne tommii
  Coelogyne trinervis
  Coelogyne triplicatula
  Coelogyne usitana
  Coelogyne viscosa
  Coelogyne xyrekes