Coelogyne longifolia is really a collector's orchid. The small, pale salmon flowers are cute but being produced one at a time on ever-extending spikes, they get totally lost in the glasshouse. The spike produces flowers all year round. The spike will eventually reach about a metre long but by then it is thin and spindly and flops over to rest on the next plant and hide its little flower there somewhere.

Coelogyne longifolia, from Burma and Java, is named because of the long leaves. The plant likes plenty of light as it grows in more open areas. It can grow into large specimens.

Negatives: The large leaves, small flowers and spikes that are long and straggly.

Rating: ♦♦ As a collector's plant it is fascinating.

Sometimes sold as: None known

Varieties: The image above has the tag 'Tan' to indicate that it is a darker variation.

Hybrids: None registered

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