These are very new in Australia. I have one that was labeled as 'unknown species' and two others with the new name applied. And yes - a very attractive new member of the collection it is too. It has a much softer white than some of the other 'white' Coelogynes  and the veins in both the sepal and petals give it a slightly artistic style. The lip is very prominently pointed and together with the distinctive lip markings will hopefully make this an easy plant to identify.

It comes from Thailand and will need suitably warm conditions and definitely no frost. Having said that I have been surprised at how well it has coped with winters in my slightly heated glasshouse during Canberra winters.

Coelogyne pachystachya was first described by Elisabeth and Jean Claude George in 2011. It is described as a beautiful Coelogyne with upright racemes and up to eight 50mm white flowers with a stunning copper/orange marked labellum.

Being so new to the cultivated orchid world it is very sought after at the moment. However, apart from its novelty factor, it does have to face strong competition from similar looking 'older' members such as Coelogyne flaccida, Coelogyne trinervis, Coelogyne huettneriana, etc..

Negatives: Apart from the high price, the flowers are basically upright but not on long enough spikes to project them into high visibility zones above the leaves. If the plant is kept as a specimen rather than on a crowded bench this should not be a problem.

Rating: ♦♦♦ This new and desirable Coelogyne will enhance any collection. It produces a healthy bushy and vigorous plant.

Varieties: None known. Numbers of these plants had already been imported to various countries as species 'unknown' or just labeled as Coelogyne species which is the common practice if the plant can't be identified. Sometimes it was sold in Australia as Coelogyne flaccida.

Hybrids: None registered

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