I haven't grown this Coelogyne long enough to make many judgements but it certainly is an interesting plant. The persistent bracts pushing on the back of the flower, the small size flowers and pendulous 'necklace' spike are a bit similar to features of Dendrochilums and Pholidota - to which it is closely related of course. It also has an earthy (not quite pleasant) perfume a bit similar to these.

It is a fairly big plant for the size of the flower compared to the Dendrochilums but I understand each spike can produce up to 50+ flowers. Not only would this look spectacular but might balance the big size of the plant. If it produced numerous spikes it could be very interesting.

Coelogyne moultonii from tropical Sarawak grows on trees or mossy rocks. The 'mossy' word should be flashing to emphasise the need for huge levels of humidity.

Negatives: It needs warm glasshouse conditions. The small flowers are a bit muted in colour and the plant certainly needs to be in a hanging basket.

Rating: ♦♦♦ Besides collectors this Coelogyne will interest any grower with plenty of space for interesting orchids.

Varieties: None known

Hybrids: None registered

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