This is a very small Philippine and a brand new Coelogyne in the cultivation world. It was only formally described in 2011 by W. Suarez and registered with the Kew World Checklist of Monocotyledens (the grasses - Orchids are in this group). Anyone can check the authenticity of a plant's name on this site. The orchid was named in honour of the Salvanera family of Pulilan, Bulacan

Although it is still early days, this ex-seedling Coelogyne seems to be thriving in my glasshouse. It gets temperatures down to 80C in winter but always around 80% humidity. Summer temperatures can reach 400C. I suspect it will prove to be an easy-growing, tough orchid.

The plant only grows to about 20cm high and the display of half a dozen 4 to 5 cm wide attractively marked flowers simply grabs attention. The sepals and petals have a pale tinge of olive-green but the lip has pure white markings that highlight the brown markings. This brown is quite attractive and ranges from a fudge colour to almost chocolate. The waviness of the lip and the long sharp tip help catch attention. The total picture is very attractive.

Negatives: It needs total protection from frosts and coming from the Philippines tells us it needs high humidity and moisture and preferably glasshouse conditions.

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ This orchid will be hard to get for awhile but don't miss it if you get a chance. So much beauty on such a small plant is sure to create a big demand for this orchid and I predict its popularity will increase dramatically as it becomes more available.

Varieties: None known. A similar orchid is the beautiful Coel marmorata.

Hybrids: None registered

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