Coelogyne pulverula is a tropical orchid from similar areas to Coelogyne rochussenii, i.e. Java, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. but it does grow at slightly higher altitudes up to 2000 metres. In its natural environment, on trunks and major branches of rainforest trees, it can flower at any time of the year, it can produce spikes over a metre long with 50 or more brown and white flowers.

Unlike Coelogyne rochussenii, this look-alike has only produced one major spike at a time in my glasshouse. This may be down to my cultivation technique (or lack of it!) or a trait of this orchid. The length of the spike certainly caused comment when I took it to a local orchid club meeting.

Negatives: .Needs absolute frost protection and needs space for the pendulous flower spike, such as a very high hanging basket. The flower colour is basically brown and a little drab.

Rating: ♦♦♦ The spike is so long it grabs attention

Sometimes sold as: Coelogyne dayana (an older name for this same plant).

Varieties: None registered but some known variations have been given personal 'tags'.

Hybrids: None registered

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