When I bought this orchid it was called Coelogyne graminifolia meaning 'grass-like'. It has certainly grown into a huge grass-like clump even though the leaves are a bit broad to really be called 'grass-like'. This is not a Coelogyne to grow into a specimen size. The 3 to 4 smallish (6cm) flowers develop on very short spikes, generally around the rim of the pot. Any that develop further into the plant are lost in the leaves and even the ones from the edge are hidden by the strappy over-hanging leaves.

The scented flowers have a lovely clean, velvety, white texture but, there is a lot of yellow/orange/brown colour that can look slightly dirty and spoils the crispness of the white.

Home was the Himalayas and Khasia Hills down to Malaysia and at low altitudes (less than 1000m). It is a very tough easy to grow orchid.

This is one of the few Coelogynes that I have found disappointing. I was even more disappointed when I bought (at great cost!) a Coelogyne kaliana, and after waiting a couple of years for it to flower, found that it was just another Coelogyne viscosa. My disappointment stems from the list of other similar flowered options that are just so much better, e.g. Coelogyne flaccida, Coelogyne nitida and the hybrid Coelogyne Unchained Melody.

Negatives: Its flowers are very poorly displayed and hidden by foliage.

Rating: ♦♦ This is very common and if you are a collector or looking for an extremely tough orchid, or have space going to waste, you might give one of these a home.

Sometimes sold as: Coelogyne kaliana in Australia

Varieties: None known

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