Dendrochilum wenzellii, named after a Philippine collector, was described around 100 years ago. Its narrow, leathery leaves grow about 30 cm long and the flowers are about 1 cm across. This is a very compact, small plant still and the flower display is really attractive. There are a few colour variations in addition to the normal dull red. They are very worth chasing down and even establishing a 'wenzelii' collection.

Like most Dendrochilums, this one also needs a warm, moist environment and needs to be grown into a specimen plant to fully appreciate its undoubted beauty. I find this Dendrochilum much tougher than many other Dendrochilums and much more tolerant to colder conditions.

Negatives: Needs a glasshouse in cooler zones.

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ Definitely one to add to the collection because of its variety of colours, its sheer beauty and the fact that it is much tougher and easier to grow.

Sometimes sold as: A beautiful yellow form sold as Ddc wenzellii 'Yellow' is actually Dendrochilum javieri - very similar and very worthwhile collecting. In fact it is a must have.

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