This plant has big, heavily veined/ribbed leaves which resemble the palm known as a yucca plant. The leaves are a dominant feature and are about twice the size of the spikes. The bracts are very persistent around the base of the psuedo-bulbs and as the plant gets older there is a tendency for these bracts to get a bit untidy. The purpose of orchids having bracts it to provide some type of protection to the tender new growths. They can be removed by hand after the new shoots have developed a little but it can be a tedious task and there is always the risk of some damage to the new developing shoots. For some growers, the bracts may add character and individuality to the plant while some other growers may be able to simply ignore their existence and concentrate on its more attractive traits. As with many other orchids, it depends on your level of love for the plant.

Dendrochilum yuccafolium grows quite a bit lower than many Philippine orchids so in cultivation it requires high humidity and good air circulation

Negatives: Needs glasshouse conditions in most areas. Bracts may look untidy.

Rating: ♦♦♦

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