Jim Cootes, a Philippine orchid expert, contacted me to say that he bought one of the above from the same Victorian species orchid specialist as I have and although he doesn't know what it should be, it is not Ddc vanoverberghii. This lack of clear identification becomes more and more of a problem as you pick up rarer orchids. Some people simply don't worry. For others it is extremely frustrating. I am seeking further clarification and will update this page as soon as possible. In the meantime it must be considered another 'unknown species'

Apparently, there is only one example of the real Dendrochilum vanoverberghii plant in Australia. It originated from Jim Cootes and is currently held by David Banks. The real species has very thin leaves similar to Ddc tenellum.

Anyway, this one labelled as Dendrochilum vanoverberghii is more of a collector's orchid than one that everyone should chase down. However, it is very small so, if you come across one, it is not going to cause crowding in the glasshouse.

The real species is named after a Belgium priest who worked with the people around the orchid's home, Luzon, in the Philippines. Its preferred altitude is around 2000 metres where it grows on mossy tree trunks and branches. In cultivation, it needs warm, moist conditions and will grow in good, fresh sphagnum moss, as do most other Dendrochilums

Negatives: The above 'unidentified' species is not as 'showy' and impressive as many others in this genus.

Rating: ♦♦

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