This is another Philippine Dendrochilum but also very common in Borneo growing at altitudes to over 2000 metres. It is an 'old' orchid, having been named in 1841. It is generally easily obtainable which is fortunate because it is such a beautiful orchid and one for everybody's garden, (or glasshouse in cooler zones).

The gradually opening flower spikes lend an interesting and attractive look. The lip colour varies from orange, to yellow or brown. This provides a good justification for owning more than one specimen. They are tough, easy to grow and flower and give great pleasure. They like warm, moist conditions and good quality spaghnum moss but take care not to let them become waterlogged.

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ It is claimed to be the most common Ddc in cultivation. Everyone should have one.

Varieties: The lip colour varies but there are no named plants with the status of variety.

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