I purchased the above plant labeled as Dendrochilum curanii but authorities such as Jim Cootes have pointed out that this is an undescribed species. The real Dendrochilum curanii is one that I originally posted as Ddc quadrilobium but is now recognised as being mislabeled.

This Dendrochilum really is miniature in every sense. It's been in cultivation since 1908 when it was named after the collector (H M Curran). This is yet another Philippine Dendrochilum and it grows in the same environment as many others - i.e. between 1000 and 2000 metres around the cloud forests.

This species would sit lower down on the collection list unless you are really keen on tiny, cute, miniature specimens. In any case, it will not require much space.

Negatives: It is very small and needs to be benched with other small items so that it is not 'lost' or in a rain shadow from larger plants. It needs a heated glasshouse in cooler areas and high humidity.

Rating: ♦♦♦

Varieties: Apart from the normal pale yellow form there is also the white form pictured above.

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