This hybrid was made by pollinating Coelogyne chloroptera with pollen from Coelogyne huettneriana on 5th November 2009. It was flasked on 9.3.2010 - only four months later and much sooner than the 12 months that Coelogynes usually spend in the pod stage. It was deflasked nine months later (again, quicker than normal). Although it didn't flower till 22.10.2015 (about normal) the seedling plants were very vigourous and very developed for a seedling. Many of these seedlings had multiple proteranthous flower spikes.

The four to five, very bright green buds on each spike stand out very obviously on their pedicels as the inflorescence develops in a fairly upright mode. The individual 50mm flowers open in an open upright/horizontal manner at about the same height as the leaves.

The vivid green of the buds quickly fades as they open to present very pale green/white sepals and petals with lip colouring and markings strongly carried through from Coelogyne huettneriana, The fully open flower displays an obvious dominance from the pod parent. Although the crisp whiteness from Coelogyne huettneriana's sepals and petals have been diminished, the light greenish tint resulting is very attractive compared to the duller colourings of Coelogyne chloroptera.

The three prominent keels extending from the base of the lip to well out onto the acutely pointed lip are very similar in shape and style to Coelogyne huettneriana. The bracts are very deciduous. The psuedobulbs are plump and rounded quadrangular in shape.

Negatives: Flowers are slightly small and could be on longer spikes but it is a very pretty and hardy orchid.

Rating: ♦♦♦♦ This plant promises to be a very healthy, easy growing Coelogyne for intermediate and warm climates.

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