So far I have been impressed with the extremely vigorous nature of this hybrid - a good example of 'hybrid vigour'. It was pollinated in December 2008, flasked in November 2009, deflasked in January 2011 and produced its first flower in August 2013. The hybrid vigour has been very obvious through the seedling stage and this could prove to be a very worthwhile trait.

The first flowers (8 to 9cm across) are attractive with crisp, appealing, contrasting colours on a more erect stem than the pod parent (Coel speciosa - which is very droopy). A very dark throat is inherited from both parents as is an expanded area of clean whitish green on the lip. A dainty crisp apple green on other parts has been inherited from its father, Coel carinata. However,  some examples of Coel speciosa can have attractive green petals e.g. Coel speciosa 'Green'. At this stage its perfume is very subtle.

As the long lasting flowers age they lose their greenness and become quite chocolate and brown in colouring.

By combining the gene pool of two such variable species there is great scope for some exciting and unpredictable new plants from among this batch of seedlings and in future breeding.

At the 2013 Canberra South and West Regional Show and Conference it was awarded a 1st in the Seedling Section (- a section for plants that are flowering for the first time).

Negatives: .Perhaps a little similar to its pollen parent but with the increased flower size, I feel this new hybrid will have few negatives given its vigour and may be an example of being preferable to its father (Coel carinata).

Rating: ♦♦♦♦ I like the clean crisp colour zones and the really crisp apple green colouring on a more upright open flower habit.

Registration: Registration with the RHS was approved in October 2013 for this new primary hybrid as Coelogyne Kirribilli Norm after my younger brother who shared great times growing up and working on Kirribilli, our family farm.

Varieties: None known.

Hybrids: None registered

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