The flowers on Ddc tenellum are so small (3 mm) that it is difficult to distinguish much detail, the spikes are only 4 or 5 cm long and the whole plant only 30 cm high. Additionally, the leaves are only 1 mm wide. This seems an incredible formula for a popular orchid. Yet, this orchid is loaded with "wow" factor. It gets the same sort of drooling admiration that is normally reserved for new born babies, baby kittens or puppies. It looks nothing like an orchid and much more like a lush green tuft of grass. In fact, it is often called the 'Grass Orchid'.

It is a very tough little orchid and is widespread in the Philippines. It is best cultivated in sphagnum moss in a warm, moist environment. Avoid division so that it can be grown into a specimen plant (a small plant is so whispy that is is barely noticeable). A plant several years old will still only be 30cm high but will form an impressive dark green, grass-like clump in a pot as small as 100mm. As an extreme example, I have seen 20 plus year old specimens and they are unforgettable. The bracts from the old flowers remain for several months after flowering and, in a strange way, prolong the cuteness of this orchid.

Negatives: It needs protection in cooler zones and takes 5 or 6 years to develop into a good clump. A light-hearted negative is that in competitions, the oldest plant always wins because the older the plant the more dense it is and the more flowers it has!

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦  Highly recommended.

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