A rather cute Dendrochilum - a bit bigger than most others in plant size and flower size. The spider-like flowers have prompted the species name 'arachnites'. It has been unkindly referred to as an messy, straggly plant but surely this depends on the grower's maintenance. When the rambling aerial roots get out of control it is a simple task to place the plant in a larger pot. I grow this bigger Ddc in straight coconut husk chips but all Dendrochilums love fresh, good quality sphagnum moss as long as it doesn't get waterlogged. It is easy to grow in warm humid conditions and certainly worth collecting. The flowers are an attractive green initially, fading to more yellow.

Negatives: If any, it is its tendency to becoming a bit untidy. It doesn't like frosts and needs high humidity.

Rating: ♦♦♦♦