Pleiones are an extremely attractive group of orchids related to Coelogynes. There are about 20 species in this group of totally deciduous, colourful bulb orchids from very cold areas of northern India and China, to Burma and northern Thailand, Laos and Taiwan. They grow from a small round bulb in Spring and the  flower spikes produce one or two spectacularly large flowers up to 10cm in diameter. These orchids are soaring in popularity in many areas and a huge amount of hybridising is currently taking place. There are some extremely good websites specialising in Pleiones and it is recommended you investigate them, e. g. Kool Plants or Pleione Info.

Negatives:: Their deciduous habit requires some special techniques for cultivation, especially in relation to over-wintering the psuedobulbs.

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Sometimes sold as: No other labels

Varieties:: Refer to the above websites.

Hybrids: There is a rapidly increasing number of new registered hybrids of Pleione. See the websites above.