This orchid represents my second complex Coelogyne hybrid, i.e. one involving more than two species as parents. In this case I crossed two primary hybrid Coelogynes each comprising two primary (pure bred) species. This orchid therefore has a combination of genes from four parents. The pod (mother) parent, Coelogyne Memoria Wilhelm Micholitz, was bred using Coelogyne lawrenceana x Coelogyne mooreana. The pollen (father) parent, Coelogyne Kirribilli Joyce, was made using Coelogyne speciosa x Coelogyne xyrekes.

With only four species involved it starts to get difficult to identify this new hybrid simply based on visual cues. There is very little evidence of any dominant gene from the any of the four parents involved. Other orchid genre may have many different parents involved – making identification extremely difficult. Registering hybrids becomes an essential and responsible activity.

This new orchid has large (11cm) downward facing, pendulous flowers that open in a closely sequential manner. There are common characteristic traits that can be traced back to the two closely related parents (Coelogyne speciosa and Coelogyne xyrekes). These include the white colouring on the lip, the dark centre of the lip, the keels and the slightly narrow petals.

The clean white colouring from Coelogyne mooreana and Coelogyne Mem Wilhelm Micholitz has been muted to a creamy white/pale brown colouring with slight hints of the mushroom pink from Coelogyne xyrekes appearing on the outside of the flower tube. The extensive and uniform colouring on the inside of the tube is similar to that of Coelogyne Mem Wilhelm Micholitz except that it is a dark tobacco shade instead of orange.

This hybrid was pollinated 25th July 2013 and flasked on 2nd September 2014. It was deflasked on 21st August 2016 and presented its first flower 1st November 2019.

Rating: ♦♦♦ This is a large, showy and attractive Coelogyne. It is very pendulous and should be grown in a hanging basket so that it is viewed from underneath. If space is limited I would recommend getting one of its parents. Coelogyne Mem W Micholitz it a really top quality Coelogyne hybrid and Coelogyne Kirribilli Joyce has unusual attractive pink mushroom colouring. Both parents are impressive orchids.

Registration: Registration with the RHS as Coelogyne Kirribilli Ruby was recorded in October 2019. It has been named after my daughter's step-daughter, Ruby.

Varieties: None known.

Hybrids: None registered

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