Coelogyne calcicola is one of the less well known ‘white’ flowering Coelogynes. Its rather smallish compact terminal cluster of 3 to 4 flowers is produced synanthously on the end of a continuously extending rhizome. It is much more restrained and less rampant in growth habit that its similar style but undisciplined partner, Coelogyne stricta. It is because of Coelogyne calcicola’s neat, controlled growth, combined with its attractive tight cluster of flowers that it was chosen on 7th November 2009 to cross with the much larger ‘white’ flowering Coelogyne mooreana ‘Brockhurst’. It was flasked a year later on 22 October 2010, deflasked 13.9.2011 and flowered for the first time 10.10.2018 – nine years after pollination. At all stages of production these plants have lacked the vigour of other Coelogynes growing in the same conditions, let alone has it displayed any signs of hybrid vigour.


As with most primary crosses using Coelogyne mooreana, the Coelogyne mooreana traits have strongly dominated. The flower size of Coelogyne calcicola has been increased to 70mm across and the sepals have increased their width to 12mm.The orange throat colouring remains along with small patches of orange on the outside under-parts of the lip. The keels have become simplified to two clearly defined highly fused dark orange keels running from the junction of the lip and the side lobes to deep into the throat. There is a strong pleasant perfume. The lip retains mild fimbriation on the front edges.

In growth habits the elongated rhizomes of the pod parent have become much more compacted and the psuedobulbs clustered although there are still obvious hints of the rhizomes wanting to spread.

This primary hybrid was registered with the Royal Horticultural Society in London in January 2019 and the 101st hybrid Coelogyne to be registered with the RHS. This Kirribilli bred hybrid has been named after our very loyal and loving dog Jimmy, himself a hybrid between a Kelpie and a Whippet and exhibiting all the best traits of both dog breeds.


Negatives: Coelogyne calcicola is a slow growing orchid. This hybrid follows that pattern. It lacks vigour. It requires a warm environment. It is reluctant to project its flower shoot clear of the leaf shoots with the result that the flowers are cramped inside the leaf furls. This may be a result of its lack of growth vigour. There are a lot of other 'white' Coelogynes that would compete very strongly for space on the glasshouse bench.

Rating: ♦♦♦ It has a very attractive and dainty flower

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