With two such pretty parents it is not surprising that a beautiful hybrid resulted. There is a really nice combination of traits in the progeny. The strong, large, upright flowers and beautiful yellow/oranges of the pollen parent, Coelogyne mooreana, have carried through, but, with a reduced number of flowers coming from Coelogyne fragrans which has however, contributed to more orange in the throat and on the column.

The flowers are erect, open and last well. The plant is very easy going but needs full protection from anything like a frost.

This hybrid was bred by Ron Pearce, one of Victoria's orchid notables who set up his own laboratory and apart from being a major force in introducing and promoting Disa orchids in Australia, he made such hybrids as Propetalum Rhonda Ward ( a cross between Promenia and Zygopetalum).

Coelogyne Edward Pearce was named after his son. An interesting side note is that Ron Pearce made another Coelogyne hybrid with Coel mooreana x Coel cristata. Very shortly before he could register it, R.C. Hull of Oregan, USA, registered it as Coelogyne Linda Buckley. Ron Pearce, however, was able to call his hybrid Linda Buckley 'Rhonda Ward' after his daughter.

One example of the lasting rewards of making a website such as this, was that Edward Pearce, after whom this orchid was named by his father, contacted me expressing great pleasure that he had found this plant named after him on my site. Despite much searching on his part and many promises he had not been able to acquire this sentimental and personal plant. In exchange for a beautiful bottle of red wine, which we shared, and some great conversations I was able to divide my plant and share it with him.

Negatives: The number of flowers per spike has been severely reduced by the influence of Coel fragrans.

Rating: ♦♦♦♦ This is a particularly pretty flower and should be collected very early.

Registered: - by Ron Pearce in 1995.

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