This is the 'big boy' of the genus - hence its name 'magnum'. A single leaf can be 400mm long and the flower spikes are even longer. The flower spikes last for weeks and then the dry bracts hang on for months. Eventually, the bracts lose their attractiveness and need to be cut off as the dead spikes are reluctant to fall off by themselves. From the Philippines, it requires typical Dendrochilum conditions of warm, moist conditions. This orchid needs a bit more room but is so spectacular in flower that it should be in every collection. Fortunately, it is easy to obtain.

As with most Dendrochilums, the images show the advantage of growing the plants on to specimen size.

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦  Very desirable

Varieties: There are several unofficial varieties, including the attractive 'Suwada' pictured above.

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