Coelogyne ovalis flowers over such a long period that it is always so available to cross with another even though most people think of it as not having a lot to offer any hybrid. In this case it has passed on a very dark influence on the off-spring. The dark lip and throat have dominated the soft orange/yellow of Coelogyne mooreana and also reduced the width of the petals and sepals. Thankfully, The white has carried through totally and the end result is an interesting flower with a masculine colouring of strong chocolate on the lip balanced with very contrasting pure white from the pollen parent.

Negatives: On my younger plant the flowers had trouble clearing the leaf folds and sometimes they were too cramped by the unfurling leaves to open properly. My plant has overcome this problem with maturity and on its third flowering has behaved much more as one would expect. The spikes have projected well in a semi-erect mode.

Coel ovalis has passed on some of its untidy habits. The old dead flower spikes will still be there at next flowering unless clipped out. Rather large papery bracts on the psuedobulbs are also very resistant and can add a slightly messy look unless physically removed. Finally, the rambling roots on the extended rhyzomes have been inherited and detract from the plant's appearance.

Rating: ♦♦♦ There are possibly better choices, e.g. Coelogyne Louis Forget (which uses Coelogyne speciosa) or Coelogyne Linda Buckley (which uses Coelogyne cristata) but it certainly has striking colouring. On its third flowering, this hybrid is developing into an impressive specimen plant with a free flowering, showy display.

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Hybrids: None known

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