This Coelogyne is in the same group as the extremely popular and well known Coelogyne speciosa and this is immediately obvious when looking at the flowers. The flowers are also very similar to some of the Coelogyne speciosa hybrids, especially those using Coelogyne carinata and Coelogyne fragrans - both themselves really closely related.

My seedling has not yet flowered but because I expect the flower to look so similar in so many ways to other members of this group I find it hard to get excited with anticipation. In the meantime check these links:

Coelogyne septemcosta 1

Coelgoyne septemcosta 2

Negatives: It has to compete against some impressive members of its group. Its flowers are reportedly smaller than other members of the group.

Rating: Until mine flowers I would leave this Coelogyne in the collector's category.

Sometimes sold as:

Varieties: None known

Hybrids: None registered

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