I have owned this species for four years and had no success at all. Initially, it was mounted on tree fern. It produced new leaves each year but no sign of flowers. A friend has also had it for several years and his experience has been very similar. Last year I transferred it to a pot of fairly fine coco husk. It appears to be really rebelling now and even going backwards. A contact in the more moderate climate of Sydney NSW managed to get it to flower but was very disappointed with the unimpressive small flowers.

It is one of the few deciduous Coelogynes and more like its relatives, the Pleiones. The much smaller flowers are born one per psuedobulb. Apparently, great care and timing are required when the new growth and flowers are emerging.

Negatives: Very tricky to grow. Only get one if it is really cheap enough for you to lose it. If it grows then congratulate yourself. If it dies or doesn't flower then remind yourself that there are lots of other Coelogynes that are far better anyway.

Rating: ♦ There are too many easy to grow nice orchids without the challenge of this one - unless you are gifted with 'Green thumbs'. Life is too short to waste on stress-making situations!

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