This Coelogyne from the cool areas of Nepal, the Himalayas and China belongs to the Coelogyne Section Ocellatae - which simply means that the members of this group have bright orange/yellow eye-shaped spots on or around their lips. These can be very attractive and contrast dramatically with the pristine white petals and sepals.

Coelogyne occulata is difficult to obtain and my small plant from, David Banks, is growing very slowly and has no yet flowered.

Negatives: The 3 to 4 flowers are small at about 2 cm wide and apparently not that well displayed.

Rating:  None given yet. Most growers would be very well advised to purchase Coelogyne nitida as an example from this group of Coelogynes. It is easy to obtain, easy to grow and flower and produces masses of highly perfumed flowers.

Sometimes sold as:

Varieties: None known

Hybrids: None registered

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