Coelogyne mossiae is not available in Australia nor most parts of the world because it is so rare, but a lot of plants sold as such are in fact a very pale form of the Coelogyne hybrid Unchained Melody which I have named unofficially as Coel Unchained Melody 'Mossiae' to highlight the differences and to distinguish it from the 'normal' Coel Unchained Melody.

Sadly, I do not have the 'real' Coel mossiae in my collection but I have included this page to help anyone who might get as confused about this plant as I was for some time! Coelogyne Unchained Melody 'Mossiae' is a primary hybrid between Coel cristata and Coel flaccida. Perhaps you too have purchased a 'Coel mossiae'! Luckily the pretender is a very attractive orchid in its own right and would definitely be one to purchase anyway.

Check this link for an image of the real Coel mossiae.

For those who would like to delve even further into the frustration of orchid naming try the following link - The Real Coelogyne Mossiae. This article has been discussed widely on some internet blogs and the link was also kindly sent to my website by a kind enthusiast.

The real Coel mossiae seems to be so pretty and dainty with its rounded flower shape, crystal clear white and with its yellow markings. Perhaps someone will mericlone it and we can all get one. The debate over its identity has really raised awareness and whetted my appetite for one. At least it could be multiplied under cultivation.

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