This beautiful, very large flowered Coelogyne is from Vietnam on the western side of Mt Lang-Bian at around 2500m. This height can be much cooler than one would expect from a tropical country. Nevertheless, it still requires high humidity and plenty of moisture. It needs absolute protection from frosts.

It was named in memory of Sir James Lawrence (1831 - 1913) who was President of the RHS for a long period.

The flower spikes, carrying only one to three sequentially opening flowers, take a long time to develop. Additionally, the spikes don't open at the same time but different spikes flower over several weeks. This trait, together with the large, long lasting blooms, result in a beautiful display over many weeks. Because there is not a 'mass' display this orchid is for those who like to linger over the beauty of individual flowers.

The very large, fragrant, long-lasting flowers have prompted a number of hybrids. Coelogyne Mem Micholitz (which also occurs as a natural hybrid) is a truly spectacular orchid. This orchid produces an amazing display over a long period.

Negatives: This orchid needs a fair bit of frost-free space.

Rating: ♦♦♦♦  This is a really desirable orchid but I would probably rate its more free-flowering hybrid offspring, Coelogyene Micholitz, a little higher if space is extremely limited.

Sometimes sold as: Coelogyne fleuryi is a synonym.

Varieties: None officially but some plants have a larger, very attractive bright red patch in the throat.


Secondary Hybryds:

Coelogyne Kirribilli Colin (Dawes 2016) - Coelogyne Mem Wilhelm Micholitz (Coelogyne mooreana x Coelogyne lawrenceana) x Coelogyne usitana 'Golden Gate'

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