Coelogyne lactea (meaning milk white) is still officially listed in the RHS official list of monocotyledons. However, in Dudley Clayton's book, 'The Genus Coelogyne', he reports that he examined a number of examples of both Coel lactea and Coel flaccida and found them to be conspecific (i.e. the same species) and that the title Coel flaccida came first/earliest and is the correct name.

Coelogyne lactea is certainly very similar to Coel flaccida but has a sturdier, thicker, less pendulous spikes with less flowers per spike. As mentioned many times here before, the name does not change the plant or its flowers! The name helps people sort plants into logical groups. It's up to you whether or not you wait till the RHS changes the name officially, or whether you decide to change its name now.

I have kept my Coel lactea simply because it is a bit different and when serious addiction sets in one must use any excuse for one more Coelogyne. But, my plant certainly isn't nearly as impressive as Coel flaccida.

Because it is such a cheap, freely available Coelogyne, and officially RHS listed, I will photograph it next season and add images to this site. By coincidence, the background image on this page is showing Coelogyne flaccida!

Negatives .Name confusion might worry some.

Rating: ♦♦ Buy one of the many nice Coel flaccida in preference to this one unless you are well endowed with space and more than a bit addicted.

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Varieties: None known

Hybrids: None registered

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