I am still waiting for my 'new' plant to flower. In addition, I bought a flask of seedlings from the Singapore World Orchid Conference. These have been deflasked and I am waiting patiently for them to flower also.



My original plant flowered only to reveal itself as Coel assamica - to which it is closely related and from the same cool Nepal, Northeast India locations! I find the labelling on Coelogynes to be so frustratingly bad.

A distinguishing feature between the two above is that Coel fuscescens is more of a rambler with a greater space between the psuedobulbs than the much more compact growth habit of Coel assamica.

When using taxonomic references to identify plants, I find using linear measurements of their parts can be very frustrating as so much depends on the growing conditions of the plant (good, or bad). Also, genetically, a particular plant might be a stunted runt or a super growing hero. Measurements don't help much on species as variable as these!.

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Sometimes sold as:

Varieties: There are several officially named plants

  • Coel fuscescens var fuscescens - with vermillion red lip markings
  • Coel fuscescens var brunnea - with much more brown colouring
  • Coel fuscescens var integrilabia - with a much paler colouring
  • Coel fuscescens var viridiflora - with pale apple-green sepals and petals

Hybrids: There are no registered hybrids and I have not come across any references to unregistered examples.

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