My seedling of this species is very slow developing and seems to resent the cold climate immensely. I think it requires very warm, very humid conditions. I worry that my plant may never make the grade despite many other 'sensitive' Coelogynes battling and overcoming my cool conditions (minimum of 40 C over winter in an unheated glasshouse). (a bit slow but worth the wait!)

I look forward to my seedling plant maturing as the descriptions of this Coelogyne are almost too good to be true - e.g. '...numerous, large, scented, beautifully marked white and yellow flowers that come more than once a year' !

The fact that it is found from sea-level in tropical places such as Sumatra and Malaysia emphasises the necessity for heated glasshouse conditions in many areas.

Negatives: It may prove to be only suitable for really tropical conditions i.e. if you can get hold of it then it may not survive without a tropical background.


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