Plant names have always been a source of confusion and often we look to botanical names to get definition above the common names. However, botanical names frequently have a history of change as scientists have reclassified plants into different groups and sometimes even back again! Modern taxonomy using DNA has accelerated the rate of renaming and reclassification as it is enabling more accurate plant relationships. An example - in the past many plants were grouped together because they 'looked' similar. However, some plants may have evolved this way because they depended on a common pollinator and their existence depended on attracting this same pollinator. In the process of evolving to attract this pollinator, the unrelated species came to look alike!
Below is a table of some more common Coelogyne synonyms but it is recommended you use the internet to check any names which might arouse suspicion, especially for species collectors. Many nurseries and private growers sell plants with old names or wrong names. This can be very frustrating as often you have to wait several years till the plant flowers before you know. Dudley Clayton's book contains a comprehensive list of synonyms for the whole Coelogynae family i.e. both Coelogyne and its relatives. The Kew Royal Botanic Gardens maintain a World checklist of monocotyledons (covers all orchids including Coelogynes)

Synonym (alphabetical) Current Name   Synonym Current Name
Coel alata  = Coel carinata   Coel ocellata  = Coel punctulata
Coel annamensis  = Coel assamica   Coel ochracea  = Coel nitida
Coel annamensis  = Coel sanderae   Coel oligantha  = Coel carinata
Coel bimaculata  = oel flexuosa   Coel pachybulbon  = Coel trinervis
Coel brevilolia  = Coel punctulata   Coel peltastes  = Coel pandurata
Coel brunea  = Coel fuscescens   Coel pilosissima  = Coel ovalis
Coel carnea  = Coel radicosa   Coel plantaginea  = Coel rochussenii
Coel casta  = Coel cumingii   Coel platyphylla  = Coel celebensis
Coel Cinnamomea  = Coel trinervous Coel primulina  = Coel fimbriata
Coel conferta  = Coel nitida   Coel psectrantha  = Coel mooreana
Coel corrugata  = Coel nervosa   Coel pustulosa  = Coel asperata
Coel cymbidioides  = Coel tomentosa   Coel quadrangularis  = Coel swaniana
Coel cynoches  = Coel fuscescens    Coel ramosii  = Chelonistele sp
Coel dalatensis  = Coel assamica   Coel rhodeana  = Coel trinervis
Coel darlacensis  = Coel sanderae   Coel rossiana  = Coel trinervis
Coel dayana  = Coel pulverula   Coel saigonensis  = Coel assamica
Coel dayana  = Coel tomentosa   Coel sarrasinorum  = Coel carinata
Coel decora  = Coel ovalis   Coel siamensis  = Coel assamica
Coel densiflora  = Coel tomentosa   Coel simplex  = Coel miniata
Coel edelfeldii  = Coel asperata   Coel steffensii  = Coel rochussenii
Coel elata  = Coel Coel holochila   Coel stellaris  = Coel rochussenii
Coel elata  = Coel stricta   Coel stenophylla  = Coel trinervis
Coel flavida  = prolifera   Coel sumatrana  = Coel testacea
Coel fleuryi  = Coel lawrenceana   Coel tomiensis  = Coel tommii
Coel goweri  = Coel punctulata   Coel truncicola  = Coel carinata
Coel graminifolia  = Coel viscosa   Coel vagrans  = Coel prasina
Coel Intermedia  = Coel Unchained Melody   Coel wettsteiniana  = Coel trinervis
Coel kingii  = Coel foerstermannii   Coel whitmeei  = Coel trinervis
Coel lactea  = Coel flaccida   Coel xanthoglossa  = Coel xyrekes
Coel lamellata  = Coel macdonaldii   Coel xerophyta  = Coel fimbriata
Coel laotica  = Coel fimbriata   Coel zahlbrucknerae  = Coel marmorata
Coel lauterbachiana  = Coel miniata  
Coel leungiana  = Coel fimbriata  
Coel longebracteata  = Coel cumingii  
Coel longipes  = Coel schultesii  
Coel lowii  = Coel asperata  
Coel macrobulbon  = Coel rochussenii  
Coel maingayi  = Coel foertermannii  
Coel massengeana  = Coel tomentosa  
Coel membranifolia  = Coel septemcostata  
Coel micholitziana  = Coel beccarii  
Coel modesta  = Coel prasina  
Coel mossiae  = Coel Unchained Melody  
Coel nitida  = Coel punctulata