Image of Hybrid Coelogyne Kirribilli Noela flower detailHybrid Coelogyne Kirribilli Noela growth habit


This is a truly 'speculative' hybrid, i.e. one made without any real planned outcome.

This hybrid looks a lot like a much whiter version of its parent, Coel bilamellata but the bloom (although having less flowers) is much prettier. Remember that Coel bilamellata can produce 60+ flowers one after the other per spike and Coel flexuosa normally produces up to 20 flowers at once.

Negatives: The flowers are small compared to other Coelogynes but not to thousands of other orchids that include many greatly admired miniatures (I love some of my Australian native orchids with flowers only a few millimetres across). We orchid growers can be a strange lot!

Rating: ♦♦  The first flowering was fairly patchy and time and maturity haven't improved this much (unlike in the case with many Coelogynes as they mature into specimen plants). Some of my plants are flowering reliably while others are reluctant to flower at all. I would leave this hybrid in a collector's category at this stage.

Registered:  This hybrid was registered in February 2013 and is named after my elder sister, Noela, who grew up at 'Kirribilli'.

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